By land

Delivery by road in Italy and Europe

Whether transported to southern Italy or to the other end of the continent, we always take good care of the goods we are carrying. With fast and secure delivery times. This is the only way we operate.

Brighenti shipments by land

Brighenti’s overland freight forwarding

With expertise accumulated throughout fifty-plus years in operation, we are experts in overland freight forwarding. Brighenti is able to offer a road freight service all throughout Europe, with guaranteed processing and delivery times.

Overland shipments by road are the most common consignment method. The great demand for this type of transport is mainly due to the practical door-to-door delivery option and the faster processing times. Indeed, this versatile shipping method can be perfectly adapted to any kind of freight to be transported.

Overland freight forwarding offers a broad selection of means of transport. Each has its own characteristics to suit the delivery of standard, specific or exceptional products. Brighenti is an experienced road haulage forwarder and welcomes all requests with enthusiasm and alacrity.

Are you looking for a dedicated overland freight forwarding service?