By sea

Shipping by sea: long distances and very large loads

They say we are a bit fanatical. Let them chatter, while we get to work in unison with our clients. From start to finish. Load after load. This is how we like to operate. Indeed, we don’t know any other way.

Brighenti shipment by sea

Brighenti’s shipments by sea

Experts in the field of international shipping, our company is able to provide dedicated offers for shipments by sea. This type of transport proves to be the best choice for the delivery of large quantities of freight where there is no particular urgency.

Thanks to the relationships fostered over time with the most important shipping companies, Brighenti ensures quality sea shipments at the most advantageous prices. Throughout the process, we remain at our customers’ disposal for the tracking of their goods.

For shipments of goods by sea, we offer a range of solutions, designed around individual needs and tailored to each transport requirement, in order to professionally and flexibly respond to any necessity.

Are you seeking a company experienced in shipping goods by sea?